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FAQ-vulvovaginal disorders, Andrew Goldstein, Vulva, pain during sex, vulvodynia, vular vestibulitis, vestibulitis, lichen sclerosus
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vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, VVS, vestibulitis, DIV, pain during sex, endometriosis, dyspareunia, lichen sclerosus
vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, VVS, vestibulitis, DIV, pain during sex, endometriosis, dyspareunia, lichen sclerosus
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 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Which office should I call for an appointment; where should faxes be sent?
    The Washington office is open every day except Wednesday. This is our main office. All communication, including appointments for all of our three locations, all faxes, questions for Dr. Goldstein or Dr. Burrows, administrative questions and medication requests, should be directed to this office. Phone: 202-887-0568; Fax 202-659-6481
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  • What conditions do our physicians treat?
    We treat any condition that causes vulvar pain, irritation, itching, burning, and pain during intercourse. These conditions include vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, lichen sclerosus, erosive lichen planus, recurrent vaginal infections, sexual transmitted infections, pelvic floor dysfunction, persistent arousal syndrome, pudendal neuralgia, and interstitial cystitis. In addition, we also see patients for annual check ups, cervical dysplasia, HPV vaccine injections, and a variety of routine gynecologic conditions. Our physicians do not offer obstetrical care. Dr. Goldstein treats patients in our Annapolis office for all of the above, in addition to decreased libido. Prior to your visit regarding libido issues, we require patients to read Dr. Goldstein's book Reclaiming Desire.
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  • Do you give referrals to other vulvar pain specialists?
    Unfortunately, as we cannot guarantee the care given by any other physician, we cannot give referrals. The Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders (CVVD) has patients that fly in from all over the world; we like to think they come here because we provide exceptional care.
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  • How much time should I allow for my initial appointment?
    For most appointments, you should expect to be with our physicians approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes; however, leave yourself two hours to be in the office. (A new patient well-woman exam, for example, would be less time.)
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  • What should I bring with me to my initial appointment? How important are previous medical records or past tests?
    New patient paperwork must be downloaded from this website. It should be completed and received in our Washington office four (4) business days prior to your appointment. Our review of your past medical records or past tests (that relate to your symptoms) can be an essential component to your overall evaluation. These records can be faxed or mailed to our Washington office. Alternatively, you may bring a copy for the physician to your initial appointment. Discuss any questions about which records, etc. when you call to schedule. Radiologic films such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI are not needed, but a copy of the report may be useful in certain conditions.
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  • How can I get the most out of my appointment?
    Please, be on time. Make a list of questions for the physician and bring that to the appointment. Fill out the "vulvar pain questionnaire" thoroughly. This will enable your physician to make the most out of their time with you. Provide a list of all medications you have used and a prepare a timeline of their use. Simply writing "I used lots of different creams" does not provide enough information for the evaluating physician.
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  • What will happen at the first visit?
    Initially, you will meet your physician and go over the paperwork you have completed. This paperwork addresses your medical history, your symptoms and any related issues for which you need answers. This review will take approximately 25 minutes. You will have time to mention all information you believe to be pertinent. A good medical history cannot be rushed, and we will not do so. Next, you will move to a treatment room. Your physician will perform a very thorough physical exam. To aid in this examination a special video camera will be used so that you may see the examination with your doctor. We will make a very good effort to limit all discomfort associated with this exam- we use pediatric speculums for exam. Tests that may be performed during this exam include vulvoscopy, vulvar biopsy, vaginal cultures for speciation and sensitivity, vulvalgesiometry, and an evaluation of the levator ani muscles and pudendal nerves. Some blood tests may be needed and our medical assistant is an excellent phlebotomist. The exam will take approximately 25. After the physical examination, you will return to the physician's office to go over your diagnosis and options of care. We will strive to provide a very thorough review of the current information that is know about your medical condition. A written plan of care will be provided when you leave. You may be given digital photos taken during the exam to aid in your treatment. You will be given several peer-reviewed medical journal articles about your condition. Again, we know that this discussion cannot be rushed and you will not leave until all of your questions have been answered. You may have someone join you at all parts of your visit, just during the consultations, or not at all. Your comfort and wellness is our primary concern.
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  • Can my labs and blood tests be performed by my primary care physician?
    Our physicians have worked extensively with any outside laboratories we use. The tests they run for our office are often different than what most other physicians look for. Therefore, it is necessary to have your lab work done during your appointment with us.
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  • I haven't been to the Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders in a few years. Will my appointment be different from a regular follow up?
    If it's been a few years since you've been in, our physicians may need to spend additional time in consultation with you. They will need to know if your symptoms are the same as they were during your original visit and if you've tried any new treatments since your last appointment. If you haven't been to CVVD in three years or more, you will be scheduled as a new patient. It may take us a few days to order and receive your chart if it has been sent to our storage vendor.
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  • Will you call to remind me of my appointment?
    We will call to confirm each appointment and will make every effort to reach the patient by phone. If we are unable to reach a new patient to confirm or we do not receive a call back, we cannot guarantee that the appointment will be held.
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  • What is your cancellation policy for new patients?
    If a new patient appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, the patient must notify the Washington, DC office by phone at 202-887-0568, x101, two business days prior to the day of the appointment. A voice mail will suffice. If two business days' notice is not given or the patient does not arrive the day of their appointment, a $250 cancellation fee will apply. At the discretion of the Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders, the first missed appointment cancellation fee of $250 will be credited to a rescheduled appointment. At the time of scheduling the appointment, a credit card number is given to the receptionist. This card will not be charged as long as the appointment is kept, rescheduled or cancelled prior to the two business day notice. CVVD will call to confirm each appointment and will make every attempt to reach the patient. If we are unable to reach a new patient to confirm or we do not receive a call back, we cannot guarantee that the appointment will be held.
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  • Will the CVVD physician I see mail a copy of his diagnosis to my referring physician?
    Yes, a letter will be mailed your referring physician if you provide his/her name and full address on your registration form. The letter will be a complete, detailed report on your diagnosis and treatment plan and is usually mailed the same day of your visit.
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The Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders

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110 East 40th Street, Suite 704, New York, NY 10016

2002 Medical Parkway, Suite 205, Annapolis, MD 21401

Telephone number for all offices (202) 887-0568

Fax number for all offices (202) 659-6481


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